bravoFACT Announces Award Recipients

The award recipients from the August 26, 2016 meeting are listed below. Thank you to everyone who applied. Applicants who received an award will be contacted directly with information outlining the amount awarded and other important details. The next BravoFACT application deadline for scripted shorts is December 2, 2016.

Congratulations to the following awardees!

Clean Your Room Producer: Geoff Manton Director(s): Sophie Jarvis & Alicia Eisen Writer: Sophie Jarvis Logline: A young girl faces the consequences of not cleaning her room.

Cyrus and the Wallet Producer: Stephanie Kate Mitchell Producer/Director: Artino Ahmadi Writer: Trevor Wiens Logline: An immigrant boy, struggling to fit in to Canadian life, finds a wallet and is then pursued by a stray dog while searching for the wallet’s owner. He soon discovers that the dog has cleverly led him straight to the wallet’s owner, a disabled young man whose struggle mirrors the boy’s.

Fareed Producer: Jeannette Garcia Writer/Director: Rudy Barichello Logline: Fareed is a poetic action in the midst of the increasingly frightening tension over terrorism and Islam.

Haida Gwaii Producer: Ingo Lou Producer:Julia Rayanne Writer/Director: Nathanael Vass Logline: A colonial horror film set in 19th-century Haida Gwaii that explores themes of spirituality and cultural violence.

Heidegger Stairwell Producer: Nicole Hilliard-Forde Producer: Matt Hilliard-Forde Director: Chandler Levack Writer: Kayt Burgess Logline: Musician Evan Strocker returns to face the band he created and led to superstardom to seek permission for a tell-all memoir, but his bandmates force him to confront the ultimate cost of ambition.

Lolz-Ita Producer: Gail Harvey Producer: Lauren Collins Writer/Director: Katie Boland Logline: A naïve but internet savvy 22 year old navigates the reality of her boring, small town Canadian life juxtaposed with the fantasy of her provocative and powerful Instagram celebrity.

Mental Producer: Victoria Angell Producer: Lisa Newell Writer/Director: Jaclyn A Smith Writer: Meeshelle Neal Logline: Alicia is caught in a loop of depression and anxiety, unable to discern what is real and what is imaginary, until her inner voice forces her to embrace her biggest fear.

My Life is a Joke Producer: Coral Aiken Producer:Emma Wardle Writer/Director: Chelsea McMullan Writer/Director: Sarafina DiFelice Logline: A Woman comes back from the dead to give a TED Talk about how her life was a joke.

Night Owl Producer: Miriam Levin-Gold Director: Gilliam Muller Writer/Producer: Rebekah Miskin Logline: Turns out, the key to overcoming your loneliness lies in the most pedestrian place on Earth! Plagued by sleepless nights, Jessie Barr finds herself heading to the safest, least weird place she can go at 3AM: The 24-hour grocery store!

Plus One Producer/Writer: Milda Yoo Writer/Director: Peter Knegt Logline: Two strangers form an unlikely bond when they meet at the singles table of a lesbian wedding.

Prom Night Producer: Aaron Yeger Producer: Michael MacAdam Writer/Director: Samantha MacAdam Logline: On the night of their teenager’s prom, three overprotective fathers find a positive pregnancy test and go on a mission to find out which one of their teens is pregnant before the end of the night.

Windigo Husband Producer: Alex House Writer/Producer/Director: Alexandre Trudeau Logline: An Ojibwe woman and her child have survived near-starvation during a brutal winter, but when the woman’s husband returns after a long absence, they find themselves confronted by a monstrous threat.