The Other Half Plays Vancouver International Film Festival

Writer/Director Joey Klein and Tatiana Maslany are in attendance for the film's west coast premiere.

The Other Half

True North | Canadian Images

The Other Half presents the dramatic relationship between a bipolar woman and a grief-stricken man. A feature directorial debut from Joey Klein, the film’s nuanced and sensitive narrative is striking in its depth and sincerity as it portrays a relationship borne of mutual mental distress. Emily (Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black) and Nickie (Tom Cullen, Weekend) may not seem practically right for each other but their shared feelings of isolation, torment and depression yield a therapeutic bond wherein the presence of each other offers a sense of relief that evolves into a profound love.

Maslany and Cullen display great chemistry and are highly convincing in their difficult roles, while Klein’s sharp screenplay crafts their relationship through wonderfully subtle details. The writer-director’s inspired use of voice-over invites us to form an intimate relationship with these characters, while the film’s unique aesthetic flourishes and an indelible soundtrack creates a dizzyingly atmospheric tone that lingers long after the curtains close.

"A troubled, anguished love story that neither exaggerates nor soft-pedals the demons on display… Cullen, so memorable as the shy, taciturn half of a gay couple in Andrew Haigh’s superb British indie Weekend, brilliantly ratchets up the dramatic tension through body language alone… [And] Maslany, no stranger to mercurial turns after her endlessly multifaceted work on Orphan Black, makes Emily someone far too alive and sprawling to be reduced to a redemptive symbol…"—Justin Chang, Variety

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