Photo by  Will O  on  Unsplash

Photo by Will O on Unsplash

“It takes two people to create a pattern,
but only one to change it”

- Esther Perel -



If you’re here I’m guessing you’re experiencing frustration, pain or confusion in a current or recent relationship.

Perhaps you’re full of blame, or feeling blamed, or wondering what went so wrong, or looping in seemingly endless conflict. Are you experiencing the bitter ending of a relationship? Or the seemingly relentless challenges of being in relationship? Are you back in the dating game and wondering how to do it differently this time?

And you’re curious about coaching or some other kind of relationship support.

A simple truth is that many of us bought into the ‘find the one’, ‘happily ever after’ relationship fantasy. It’s no surprise and you’re not alone, it’s sold to us over and over from early childhood.

Maybe deep down you sense it must be possible to find balance and meaning in relationship and the challenges that come with it.

A simple concept but a challenging journey

With the right guidance, tools and perspective, relationship is a path to understanding and healing ourselves. And what we learn about ourselves can lead to a more connected, more fulfilling relationship with those we care about. This is where I can help you.

Matt brings a natural ease to every coaching session we’ve had. He listens with innate ability and provides profoundly insightful feedback. Through my time with him, I can confidently say that I have watched myself grow and change for the better.

What I appreciate most about my coaching relationship with Matt is the safe space he creates - I can bring my whole self to every session without worrying that I’m not enough or too much!

Thank you, Matt, for your gentle manner and infinite understanding.
— Rachel, Texas USA

As your relationship coach I will:

  • Help you identify patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you

  • Explore with you what’s getting in the way of a fulfilling relationship

  • Provide you with tools to help you communicate more effectively (help you be heard!)

  • Help you identify your relationship needs and communicate them

  • Support you in expressing yourself more fully

  • Help you identify, explore and move past limiting beliefs and fantasies

  • Help you understand your vulnerability and triggers

  • Teach you stay more present when you’re triggered

  • Teach you to navigate conflict

  • Help you see your blindspots (we all have them)

The approach I offer is one of challenge and support. The work can be confronting - and this is why a relationship coach can help you stay on the path. The reward is an empowered approach that will help you co-create a safe and deeply fulfilling relationship.

Booking a Session, and Fees

I offer a FREE 30-minute Session - consider it a two-way interview. Meet me, ask questions, get a sense of the online coaching experience, give me a sense of what you want to work on, and get a sense of how I work and if it will be effective for you.

I do offer single coaching sessions as well as coaching packages. Packages are preferred as committing to a number of sessions enables a significantly more effective experience where we can consistently explore, deepen and advance towards your goals.

Sessions are generally one hour, but can be extended by 30 mins to 1 hour, pending my availability.

Sessions are paid in advance. PRICES ARE IN CANADIAN DOLLARS (which is great if you’re in the US!)

All two and three month session packages include action steps (with follow-up from Matt) towards achieving your relationship goals. In-between sessions you will have email and text support for the real-time relationship issues that can come up.

Book a free 30 minute consultation or email me directly.

FREE 30 minute consultation

1 x 60 minute session: $150

2 MONTH PACKAGE: includes 4 x 1 hours sessions + action steps (with accountability follow-up from Matt), email and text support + 2 x 20min check-in calls. $600

3 MONTH PACKAGE:: includes 6 x 1 hour sessions + action steps (with accountability follow-up from Matt), email and text support + 3 x 20min check-in calls. $800


If finances are an issue please contact me to discuss.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  I require 24 hour cancellation notice prior to your scheduled session, otherwise you will be charged the full session fee.