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  • A no-bullshit curriculum that will empower you with tools and techniques to improve your relationship immediately

  • Powerful Live Relationship Coaching every week to be witnessed and enhanced by the group setting

  • Easy access to every live class from any computer

  • Email support from Nikki & Matt throughout the 4 week program

  • Accountability through weekly check-ins with practice partners also enrolled in the course

  • Un-Fuck Your Relationship Tools & Tips Ebook loaded with practical skills to build intimacy, processes and exercises to help you integrate these new tools into your real-life relationships

  • Audio recordings from every class and Q&A section that you get to keep forever

  • A tight-knit, intimate community of fellow Relationship Warriors

  • Lifetime Access to the Private Facebook Group for ongoing support & challenge

Sign-up below to participate in this unique 4-week online course that includes tools, tips and coaching to help transform your relationship.


  • resolve conflict quickly

  • feel seen and heard

  • work quickly through resentments and blame

  • understand your relationship choices

  • feel calmer and more connected to your partner

This course will help you understand what’s happening in your relationship and give you tools to move towards a fulfilling and empowered relationship.

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April 9, 16, 23, 30 2019

5pm PST
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$400 USD per person


Payment is required on acceptance to the course.

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If your partner is also enrolling, please provide their name here (so we know you're part of a couple and both intend to be at the sessions)

about your course leaders


Nikki is an Intimacy & Love Coach who focuses on helping couples & individuals bring the Passion and Connection back into the stagnant and uninspired paradigm of long-term Partnership. She believes that with Radical Ownership, Responsible Communication, and an Open & Compassionate View that any two people can sustain a mutual, connective, and growth-fueled Badass Relationship. Nikki works one-on-one with her clients as well as in group settings. Her mission is to help millions of people discover that the ticket to True Love has been within them all along.


Matt is a certified Relationship Coach working with individuals to identify, explore and overcome the obstacles to fulfillment in their most important relationships. Matt believes with the right guidance, tools and perspective, relationship is a path to understanding and healing ourselves, and what we learn about ourselves can lead to a more connected, more fulfilling relationship with those we care about. He is the co-founder and co-facilitator of the Toronto Evryman men’s group. Matt is married and the father of a teenage son and tween daughter.