Photo by  Will O  on  Unsplash

Photo by Will O on Unsplash

Matt helped me to see and educate myself on my anxious attachment style - I was trying too hard in relationship to my detriment. He taught me to share impact of my partner’s actions and supported me through my decision to break up. I’ve since been dating again and am happy in a brand new relationship.
— Anna, York, UK

What Is a Relationship Coach?

A fitness, career or business coach will work with you to identify and understand your vision, hold that vision for you and provide you with tools, tweaks, perspective, motivation and encouragement to move you towards your goal. As your relationship coach I will work with you to set and achieve your relationship goals.

What Isn’t a Relationship Coach?

A relationship coach isn’t a therapist or counsellor (although a session can contain elements of therapy and counselling), and is not a trauma specialist. In the same way a fitness coach might recommend you see a doctor, physiotherapist or another type of specialist to address specific issues, I might recommend you see a specialist to support you in a particular area.

Do you see see Couples and Individuals?

Yes I do.

How Does the Coaching Session Work?

A session is usually an hour long. I work via Zoom, a video conferencing platform similar to Skype (but more stable). If you’re based in Toronto, or passing through, there may be options to meet in person.

If you’re skeptical about coaching online, I was too. How is it possible to connect in a meaningful and effective way via a screen? I now know without a doubt, from extensive experience, that online coaching works. And it means you can receive coaching from the comfort of your home, your work, or anywhere in the world where there’s wifi.

To see for yourself book a free 30 minute consultation.

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